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Coherent noise functions such as Perlin noise are very useful for generating textures with linear values, but are less than ideal if you want circular values such as hues. This demonstration shows a method of extending linear noise models to circular domains without restricting its ability to wrap around.

At present the noise is one-dimensional. Working out how to extend the model to two or more dimensions may pose some mathematical challenges.

There are three files:

  • A console-based usage example compiled for 64-bit Windows.
  • A GUI based example for 64-bit Windows.
  • A Python source distribution for the library and the demonstrations. These require PySFML, mpmath, noise, and husl to run.

Install instructions

All the source code is MIT-licensed, and the included images are https://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/ The Python source distribution depends on the following libraries:

In addition, the two examples depend on the following libraries:

The Windows binaries are 64-bit only, and will require MSVCP90.dll and msvcrt.dll if you don't already have them.


console_example.zip 3 MB
sfml_example.zip 3 MB
hueperlin.zip 81 kB

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